Join Online Healing Biz

Get over your fear of being "too salesy"

I'm talking about stepping into your self-worth & confidence to convert in your captions, or even your IG stories.

To write copy and make art so in line with your soul client that they're a Full Body Yes before you've even put the link in your bio.

No more "If this sounds interesting, send me a DM!" CRICKETS

To successfully warm your audience, check that it's something they even want, show yourself as the expert on the topic you help with, filter applicants & align with your soul clients, who you enrol with ease into your healing biz, you need an organised, week by week, day by day Launch Plan and I'm the one who is going to give it to you.

You're signing clients here & there (if at all) & under charging because of your money blocks.

Biz is an extension of your healing, so as a bodymind, metaphysical coach and healer, I can support you. Parts of you get to die over the next 8 weeks as you birth this masterpiece from the core of your being & offer it to the world. You will embody the energetics of masculine, structured energy for your boundaries & accountability, and feminine, receptive energy to actually allow yourself the abundance you say you want, as you heal the core beliefs you were taught about taking up space, sharing your voice, money & how much you get to have.



























You WERE Sick, and you DID Heal

Create a healing community around your Instagram of warm growth-oriented followers who love to be taught and led by you,


who are a Full Body YES when you offer them an invite to work with you in your Online Healing Biz.