Ready To Heal Your Body & Step Into The Healer & Leader You Were Born To Be? 

If you're ready to feel safe & secure in your physical body, with the freedom & independence to live in your purpose and take up space in your life, love and biz, then Freedom In Healing is for you.

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Does This Sound Like You?

 ✔️You feel stuck in the chronic symptoms, ashamed at how weak they have made you and the inability to do things easily

 ✔️You have to call in sick for work or maybe you can't work because of the pain and fatigue

 ✔️You don't feel safe in your body, you can't eat properly, you can't do whatever you want in any order you want

 ✔️You really do want to heal now and put the chronic illness life behind you

✔️You feel the illness has stolen the core of who you are

✔️You feel like you've wasted so much time already being sick and missing out on life

 ✔️You have come so far in your healing journey but you feel so isolated with symptoms that have got better... but haven't healed

 ✔️You have a pattern of wanting to wait until you're healed to move forwards in other areas of life, including dating and business

 ✔️You don't have the ability to have total freedom & independence, having to rely on others - and there's shame and guilt with that.



✔️ You feel like a less full version of yourself

 ✔️Sometimes you feel like hiding from everyone

 ✔️You judge yourself when you're not at your best, there's a lot of perfectionism, self-criticism, and the symptoms slowing you down with constant flare ups

 ✔️Healing feels slow and exhausting

✔️ It's hard to know what you need and you don't want to burden others, you have trouble expressing your voice

 ✔️You're done with needing to spend days in bed

✔️ You know you have healing medicine to share with the world but feel confused, worried and overwhelmed about creating your online healing biz, mastering Instagram, and accessing financial freedom.

What If I Told You It Doesn't Have To Be This Way?

That it is possible to get unstuck and heal chronic symptoms.
That you won't have to call in sick anymore and get off those sick benefits.

That you can be safe in your body, safe to eat what you want and socialise and finally feel free..

And that you can take everything you know about healing, liberate your voice and step into the healer & leader you were born to be?

I've been where you are now. I've dealt with the debilitating pain, the self-doubt, self-loathing, feeling like something must be wrong with my body as I went round in circles with healing and flaring and being prevented from living the life I felt destined to live. 

From Fibromyalgia to CFS, chronic migraines to POTs, restless leg syndrome to IBS & ENDO, as the years went by, my list of diagnoses went up. I believed that I was chronic and the symptoms were incurable.

Then I had that big shift as I started to realise that people were healing, so why couldn't I?

I tried everything. I read every healing book, eradicated foods from my diet, watched a ton of healing documentaries, and spent almost 10 YEARS just barely managing symptoms, I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong.

In the end, I needed to look inside myself to see where I was going wrong. This was when I realised it was time to deal with my past core woundings, fears and conditioned limitations to change my relationship with myself and what gets to be possible for me.

I chose to heal myself so I could feel completely safe and secure in my physical body.

So that I could create the freedom and independence to do what I want with my time, to take up space in my life, to be socially unlimited - to not have to hide from the world anymore.

I healed so I could live in purpose, travel and live where I want, no longer limited or dictated by physical symptoms.

I spent time getting real with my core beliefs that had become the framework of my physical body, my money blueprints and my relationship blueprints. I worked through my trauma, doing shadow and inner work, reconnecting to my inner child and began making empowered choices for my life instead of living in fear.

I learnt how to heal myself, and in that process, the 200+ chronic symptoms healed.

I learnt how to open myself up to healing and manifest total healing, financial security and loving soul family.

And now, I want to teach you how to heal and change your relationship with yourself and your life.

I don't want to teach you diet protocols or supplement suggestions. I'm not going to tell you to cut out gluten to become a healer and leader.

I will guide you and teach you the tools needed to heal these core wounds and change the relationship with yourself to create freedom in your body, as you become fully capable, living in your purpose, not waking up in pain anymore, and feeling excited about life again.

Introducing Freedom In Healing by Sarah Harvey

Freedom In Healing is a 4-month group coaching program designed to help you heal chronic pain and fatigue and create safety, abundance, financial freedom and the confidence to step into the healer and leader you are born to be.

Through Shadow Work, deep revealing of past programming & conditioning, Inner Child Healing, learning to clear limiting beliefs, reconnect your body and find grounding, safety, creativity, so you can finally feel, shift and heal within, 

Freedom In Healing will help you get clear about why you have Needed chronic symptoms and how to fully step into your purpose so 

you can heal yourself.

Starting on 2nd May 2022

Topics We Will Be Covering

Month 1

Confidence In Your Ability To Heal & Stop Suffering

Have you experienced any of the following:

You don't fully believe you can heal or you're feeling so disconnected from your body you don't know what the symptoms are guiding you to or from?

You've settled for a difficult, and very isolated lifestyle where pain & symptoms dictate because you felt unworthy of having full health, ease and freedom?

You've been comfortable but not fulfilled, often restricting yourself, and wondering what your Needs are and how to go meet them when you're in so much physical agony?

You're deep into your own healing journey but it's like something is missing, as you're still feeling ungrounded, & stuck in a less optimal life?

If you answered yes to any of the above, Month 1 would help you immensely. In Month one, you'll discover:

  • How to specifically heal chronic pain, chronic fatigue & other symptoms your body expresses
  • How this reality of being chronically ill has served you and how to heal without having to sacrifice anything you Need from it like rest, love, support
  • Fully drop your identity as someone who is chronically sick & step into Healer & Leader
  • How to become so self-aware & reconnected to your intuition that you know what your body is telling you as soon as you feel any onset of a symptom, so you can heal within and no longer Need that symptom
  • How to self-express authentically, how to express what you Need so you don't have to do it in symptoms
  • How to heal the fear of being different, too much, or too woo and honouring what you believe in 

Month 2

Feel Completely Safe & Secure In Your Physical Body & Let Go of Past Pain

You'll discover how to identify and release core beliefs, wounds and patterns you've been carrying around since childhood, so it no longer prevents you from healing.

"We create every so-called illness" In this program, you're going to discover that we create symptoms to express deep emotional pain still harbouring in your body. 

Your physical body is where you may be holding onto a lot of past pain and trauma from childhood, your teenage years, and adulthood. And for us to open our body to total healing, create new healthy patterns in how we get our Needs met, and feel free to use our voice and feel the raw pain the symptoms have been covering up, we must let go of this pain that has been dormant in our bodies.

This is why in Month 2, you'll discover:

  • Heal your old core beliefs like "I'm incapable", "It isn't safe for me to take up space", and "I can't"
  • Create a vision for yourself, your body, your health, your relationships, your LIFE & how to begin creating it
  • Stop living in constant fear
  • Set boundaries so you can live how you want without worrying about upsetting others or everyone hating you
  • Heal feelings of abandonment and rejection
  • Heal that rigid, controlling parent-mode you sometimes live your life by
  • Heal feeling totally stuck and afraid of failing
  • Break free from constantly feeling embarrassed, unworthy, or disappointed
  • Heal feeling powerless and a burden
  • Heal overwhelm and guilt
  • Heal perfectionist tendencies that cause you anxiety
  • Heal self-doubt and feeling not good enough or qualified enough
  • Balance your life, and be bothered, motivated and excited 

Month 3

Taking Up Space In The World, Travel Freely, Create The Home & Soul Family You Desire

Healing chronic illness requires you to heal your life; chronic illness is a symptom that your life isn't how you want it to be. Are you lonely? Do you often feel misunderstood by those around you? Do you feel like you're just floating along?

Are you fulfilled in your romantic relationships?

Do you wake up before the sun rises because you're so thrilled to live your life?

Do you earn money that feels exciting, fulfilling and part of the vision you have for yourself, your life and the world?

Taking up space in the world and liberating your voice is your soul purpose.

That's why in Month 3 you'll learn:

  • How to live where you want, how you want, and do things IN ANY ORDER THAT YOU WANT
  • How to have the kind of relationships you want, where no-one is codependent and you share the same life vision
  • Replace tension in relating and work with ease, conscious communication & getting your Needs met
  • How to create your soul-family community and finally belong
  •  How to create & live your soul purpose - everyone who has chronic symptoms is a healer in their own specific way. Unearth what yours is.

Month 4

Living In Purpose, Creating Your Successful Online Healing Biz Helping Others Heal

You have medicine to share with the world.

You have been chronically sick and on a healing journey for a long time. You know on some level part of your soul purpose is helping others in their healing.

But are you unsure where to start with understanding your niche?

Are you curious but overwhelmed about how to create, launch and effortlessly sell out your healing services?

Do you want to create content on Instagram that builds community?

Are you worried about imposter syndrome, trolls, crickets, having no one show up, and making no impact when really all you want is to make serious impact?!

That's why I include Online Healing Biz inside Freedom In Healing.

OHB is effectively a program by itself, a spiritually-aligned business coaching program for aspiring healers to step into the healer & leader you are born to be, with the financial freedom and lifestyle of passion, purpose and ease, you deserve.

In Month 4 you will learn:

  • How to easily package your expertise and set a price for your service that doesn't undervalue you or scare away your Soul Clients
  • The Step By Step Process to Launch Like A Leader, have people actually show up when you offer something, and enrol dream clients with ease!
  • How to speak to your Soul Clients on Instagram, Build Community, Increase your Following so your sweet voice can make more impact!
  • Best Coaching practices to really help your clients
  • NO MORE IMPOSTER SYNDROME. No more procrastination. 
  • Master the feminine and masculine energetics of biz and money😍🤑💰🌸
  • Stop feeling wrong for wanting and claiming your abundance!

What You'll Receive When You Sign Up

Weekly Coaching Calls

You'll get 2 hour weekly group coaching calls over 4 months for coaching and guidance with me. Ask your specific questions on your healing and your life realignment. I coach on everything related to your healing, specifically: Healing Specific Symptoms, Mastering your Bodymind, Inner Child Healing, Emotional Healing, Financial Freedom & Healing Biz Coaching.

Full Self-Paced Online Program

You'll get the entire 10 Module core curriculum of Inner Work masterclasses +  worksheets to consume and integrate at your own pace. Freedom In Healing includes modules on Bodymind, Healing Core Beliefs, Spirituality & Manifestation, Practical Yoga Therapy, which is in itself a program on it's own, and an entire module on Creating, Launching and Enrolling clients into your Online Healing Biz. 

Lifetime Access

You'll have access to all of the recordings for the calls we hold along with lifetime access to the whole program, bonuses, and any new classes I add in the future for this program.

Private Members Only Facebook Group

Access to my private members only Facebook group for the opportunity to connect in sisterhood and concentrate on healing together rather than alone and learn from each others experience.

Weekly Accountability Calls

You'll be supported every week in a small group led by one of the Freedom In Healing Support Coaches. Be accountable for your weekly goals and intentions in your path to freedom in healing and be celebrated and supported along the way.


Get lifetime access to my short courses to integrate and embody the Inner Work, including Allow Yourself Rest and 21 Days of Self-Healing to help you get clear on your Needs within the chronic symptoms & what life realignment is necessary to heal.

No longer be a prisoner in your body and stop floating along, healing self-doubt, fear and overwhelm.


Join additional Bonus Coaching Sessions and Trainings taught by myself and other experts in Self-Healing (value $6000!) to support you as you create the health, life and healing biz you want that is no longer dictated by fears or imposter syndrome.

What Healers Say About Freedom In Healing

Sarah has helped me transform my entire life, from managing the symptoms to healing them. I now understand why the symptoms are present, how I manifested them and what to learn from them in order to heal. Sarah has helped me build my Creative Healing Coaching Business, Inspire Calm. I now have a routine which absolutely changed my days- I wake up and practice self-love before the day even starts. I would never want to go back to when I was waking up late and rushing around and never spending time with myself. I have healed insomnia, restless leg syndrome, chronic fatigue, clinical depression, anxiety within 4 months of working with Sarah. Sarah always celebrates my achievements, she is always helping you to celebrate yourself; I never used to celebrate myself. I used to berate myself for everything. My self-worth was connected to my perfectionism, how others perceived me, and how much I could DO- you know? Sarah has helped me break these patterns and heal the core beliefs within them, I now know my innate worth and attract in new experiences that validate it.

I never really loved myself, and now I genuinely love myself.


Working with Sarah was hugely transformative for me – and gave me a new perspective on what it means to heal. It supported a mindset shift within, allowing me to face my fears and subconscious blockages I had that were preventing me from really beginning to heal. Through the programme, I have also met so many amazing other self-healers from around the world – for which I am so grateful for. Here, you heal in community – surrounded by other women that are on their own healing journey. Sarah calls me out on my BS, and enables me to be accountable to my goals as I transition my career to yoga teacher & meditation guide. Without Sarah, there is no way I would be teaching yoga online and in person right now. I would be too scared, and I just wouldn't have had the confidence to do so. I honestly don’t think I’d be where I am today on my healing journey if it wasn’t for Sarah. I imagine I would still be stuck in flare-ups, and continuing to take a cocktail of different medications. I talk to myself differently now- coming from a place of self-compassion and understanding. I managed to come off all my medication and start only using plant-based medicine. I also stopped using a cane which I had become highly dependent on. I can recommend Sarah and her programmes wholeheartedly. Working with her has dramatically changed my outlook on my healing, my symptoms and ultimately, my life.


When I joined the program I was healing ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Vestibular Migraine, and many others, and was quite far into my healing journey.

I was really looking for support as I entered this next stage of life after chronic illness. I knew I wanted to help people heal but I wasn't sure howto how to go about that - I was absolutely petrified about showing up, being seen, being heard, it filled me with absolute dread! But working with Sarah changed all of that for me. I realised what I wanted to do with my life and create my healing business. I got clear on what I was no longer willing to settle for. I finally felt worthy of my dream life! I'm really grateful for Sarah, her warmth, compassion and dedication to helping women transform their lives. Honestly, I'm a completely different person, and that's down to Sarah.

If you're ready for a bg transformation, I say GO FOR IT!


Get ready to heal chronic pain and fatigue as you step into the healer & leader you are born to be.

Through Shadow Work, deep revealing of past programming & conditioning, Inner Child Healing, learning to clear limiting beliefs, reconnect your body and find grounding, safety, creativity, so you can finally feel, shift and heal within, 

Freedom In Healing will help you get clear about why you have Needed chronic symptoms and how to fully step into your purpose so 

you can heal yourself.

Starting on 2nd May 2022


Hey there, I'm Sarah Harvey.

I help spiritual women who want to heal chronic pain and fatigue by bringing their life in alignment with their soul purpose as a healer & leader.

I teach aspiring healers that chronic symptoms are intelligent messages and it's from learning how to decode them and reconnect to our inner little girl, that we get to learn from the pain and recreate our entire life.

My philosophy is that we have adopted a framework in health, money, love, and success (or suffering) and from this framework we create our reality.

This is why I spend so much time helping women heal their core woundings and shift old beliefs that have been keeping them locked into sickness. I'm passionate about helping women liberate their voice and truly feel safe taking up space and shining their light in the world. 

I have been coaching 1:1 for two years after healing 10 years of chronic illnesses in a relatively short time of 3 months. I want to reach more aspiring healers, so I now teach the same things from my premium 1:1 services in this group coaching container that I'm so proud of, Freedom In Healing.

I can't wait to help you.


What More Healers Say About Freedom In Healing

Get ready to heal chronic pain and fatigue as you step into the healer & leader you are born to be.

Through Shadow Work, deep revealing of past programming & conditioning, Inner Child Healing, learning to clear limiting beliefs, reconnect your body and find grounding, safety, creativity, so you can finally feel, shift and heal within, 

Freedom In Healing will help you get clear about why you have Needed chronic symptoms and how to fully step into your purpose so 

you can heal yourself.

Starting on 2nd May 2022