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Hi there! I’m Sarah, a holistic, Self-Healers' Coach, Yoga Teacher, & IAYT Yoga Therapist in training, and I’m here to help you ignite your own natural ability to self-heal, create the life you want, and live in full alignment with love and joy. I’m the founder of The Self-Healers’ Society, where I coach women on how they get to self-heal too & transform their current reality through reconnecting to the healer within. I facilitate Gather & Heal circles for women healing & embracing their intuitive, totally capable, wild selves. I also have an exciting 1:1 coaching business, a revolutionary container for those souls truly ready to get radical, fall in love with themselves and their life. You might also have seen me on my beautiful yoga channel over on Youtube or my no BS posts on the gram. I’m so excited that you found my corner of the Internet!

FUN FACTS ABOUT ME: I’m a no BS, and highly empathetic, get-shit-done kind of woman, and I’m also a self-healer who could spend all day frolicking in nature connecting with Universe who guides me. I love prana, original medicine, biohacking, brain rewiring, yoga, nomadic living, self-mastery, jnana, karma & bhakti (the paths of knowledge, selfless service & love), triggers, and EMPOWERING WOMEN TO STEP INTO THEIR HIGHEST SELVES TO CREATE THEIR DREAM LIVES THAT IS THEIR BIRTHRIGHT. I’m incredibly loyal, until I decide to drop something toxic that no longer works for me. I’m expressive, driven, caring and a bit of a perfectionist- (you should see how long it took to design my site hahahaha!!). I’m all about the innate fact that healing happens - I do not subscribe to any one protocol and invite various diets, practices, rituals and philosophies into my healing and in what I teach & coach.

My mission to help you cut through the BS narrative of can’t, lack and suffering so you can reach your full potential & fulfil your purpose. I teach the revolutionists how to unearth their innate ability to self-heal & transform effortlessly, and I coach driven, ready & willing self-healers in a 1:1 container to stop choosing suffering, create their dreams and step into their Truth.

As a child I was “the bossy one”- the one who felt a lot, saw a lot, spoke a lot, and learned that in order to find a sense of safety, I had to dim my inner light. In my room I dreamed up visions of safety and abundance, likening myself to the Disney princesses that were so lonely and misunderstood like me. University was a disaster of breakdowns and deep self-loathing, I proudly quit twice and travelled the world teaching English. It wasn’t until I grew into myself in my 20’s that I really awakened to the fact that THERE IS NO ONE COMING TO SAVE ME.

Years into chronic illness and with my own personal sadhana (practice), I transitioned away from English teaching and became a qualified Yoga Teacher in Hatha & Ashtanga, and then later in Holistic Yoga, which complimented my University of LIFE, unleashing my self-exploration into all healing modalities, SELF-healing, Ayurveda, chakra healing, brain rewiring, spirituality, and manifestation. With love and will, I broke down my own barriers learnt in childhood and societal conditioning and more and more ALLOWED MYSELF TO BE MYSELF. I built a successful coaching membership, then called Fibromyalgia Healers, helping others heal from that diagnosis I myself was doing (and have done). And as I unleashed myself more, I realised that not only have I self-healed multiple diagnoses, I’m not afraid anymore to shout & sing that HEALING HAPPENS. I rebranded my membership accordingly to The Self-Healers’ Society.

I combine my personal experience healing trauma, healing my body & rewriting my life, with my extensive yoga education & spiritual epiphanies/ downloads. That resulted in the creation of TSHS and my 1:1 coaching practice. Though I began simply teaching yoga on Youtube, I was afraid to truly unleash myself and the FACT THAT HEALING HAPPENS. Eventually I had to stop BSing myself and own up to my own personal mission which is to empower people to stop sleeping, stop wishing, stop ‘putting up with’ and activate their own miraculous gifts, literally manifest the lives they want, and live their purpose in the truest way.


I am fully ready to tell you the hard truths as I hold up the mirror so you can see your own BS, all from a deep place of love (ask my clients!). I don’t enable bullshit, because as I shed the limitations of my own BS I am here to help activate growth-orientated HEALERS so they can fully step into their power.

My work as your coach in The Self-Healers’ Society and in our 1:1 container is not to tell you what to do or how to heal. Healing HAPPENS. My duty is to support you in your awakening to the fact that you are the orchestrator of your own life. Naturally I am not going to attract people who choose to stay in their own limitations of victim mindset, self-pity and disempowerment, and they are not going to attract me. I only work with souls who are ready and willing to put on their big girl pants, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their own life and manifest real healing in all areas of their life.

I do not subscribe to any one healing modality, even as a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist in training I am open, open, open. Being closed to only one way or overly reliant on one protocol is a limiting habit where you attach yourself with expectations on this one thing being the “thing that heals me”.

Real talk: You are healing you. Just you.

You will of course invite tools from original medicine as they are openly & infinitely available for you. The whole purpose is to find the practices that support you in reconnecting to YOU. If that’s with yoga, meditation, breathwork, Chinese Medicine, sun salutations, chair yoga, yoga philosophy, affirmations, mirror work, crystal-healing, essential oils, veganism, glutenfree, dairy-free, FODMAP, plant-based, chakra healing, EFT meditation, yin yoga, yoga therapy, reiki, energy healing, Ayurveda, whatever it is- whatever is YOUR MEDICINE, great. I believe that mastering your self, awakening to who you really are and rediscovering yourself as the totally independent, capable, magnificent, ancient, infinite, miraculous healer you are is the whole point: what you ‘do’ changes and flows as you mix and PLAY; it’s who are you BEING and what life you are WRITING that I’m more interested in.

I am ADAMANT about teaching my clients about their birthrights; their right to be here, their right to take up space, their right to speak their truth, their right to safety, their right to love, their right to comfort, their right to health, their right to peace. I support my clients in clearing toxic useless energy, learning how to ground, allow, live limitlessly, and BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES.

It’s not about what diagnosis / chronic symptom you were labeled with (by a doctor who has no idea WHO YOU ARE). It’s about figuring out who the hell you are as you step into your highest self, the one who KNOWS that the whole entire universe is conspiring in your favour, your body is your best friend and partner in your current human experience, and you yourself are the miracle you’ve been searching for.


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