How To Heal Chronic Symptoms & Create The Freedom To Live How You Want

Hosted by Sarah Harvey, Bodymind & Metaphysics Expert, Healer & Life Coach

In this recording of the live workshop I taught recently, you will learn:

  1. The How To Heal Chronic Illness Philosophy to easily create the life you deserve, free from illness, shame and suffering.

  2. How to Heal The Invisible Wound- The Number 1 Root Cause of Autoimmune, Invisible Illness & 'You Don't Look Sick'

  3. The Step by Step Blueprint To Heal Chronic-Anything, which shows you the exact process I used to heal 200+ chronic symptoms and how I coach my clients.

    You will learn how to heal chronic core beliefs so that you can transform your life and how to successfully get your Needs met, take up SPACE and shine your bright light, without needing to have chronic symptoms.

  4. How To Turn Your Chronic Symptoms Into Your Life Medicine - we will specifically go into chronic painchronic fatigue and chronic gut symptoms.

    You will learn the action steps necessary to live without debilitating symptoms and how to embody the medicine that you are here to heal the world with.

  5. Q&A Time - where I answer many questions on specific symptoms and the healing process.

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